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FAQ Friday: The Top 4 Profile Rails Questions Answered

Posted by Chris Nook on Oct 6, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Helix Profile Rail Linear Actuators feature smooth, clean and quiet linear positioning. The PRA linear actuator utilizes a precision ground profile rail for guidance to deliver pitch, roll and yaw guidance. We compiled the top profile rail systems and blocks questions we get asked. 



1. Are Linear Ball Bushing Bearing Pillow Blocks Sealed?

The ball bushing pillow blocks include a seal in each end of the block. This is standard for all ball bushing pillow blocks. The seal is an external seal and is press fit into each end of the pillow block. The seal helps to keep contaminants out of the block and helps to retain grease or oil inside.


2. Does Helix Provide Profile Rail Longer Than the Standard Length?
For rails exceeding the max standard length a butt joint is required. A butt joint is made by precision machining the two ends of the profile rails to match. The rails are marked after machining and must be assembled in the same order in ensure smooth transition between the rails. Butting two standard cut rails together will not provide smooth enough transition for the bearing block.



3. Are Helix Profile Rails Interchangeable with Other Manufacturers?

Helix profile rail assemblies are interchangeable with other manufacturers. It is not permissible to place a Helix runner block on a different manufacturers rail and vice versa. Our application engineers can help to interchange part numbers for you.


4. Does Helix Offer Special Coatings for Profile Rails?

Yes. Helix offers Armoloy, RAYDENT, black chrome coatings as well as nickel plating on both the runner blocks and the profile rails.



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